Talks at Conferences and Workshops

  • (2022) Administrative Normal Forms and Focusing for Lambda Calculi

  • (2022) Structural Refinement Types (2022)

  • (2022) Can functional programming be liberated from the natural deduction style?

    • Presented on September 7th at the online conference "Proofs, Computation and Meaning", organized by Luca Tranchini and Paolo Pistone.
    • Link to slides
  • (2018) A Critical Edition of Popper's Work on Logic

    • Presented at the symposium "Karl Popper and the Philosophy of Mathematics" on April 5th in Klagenfurt.
    • The abstract is available in the official proceedings.
  • (2017) Popper and the Role of Inference Rules in Logic


  • (2023) Algebraic Subtyping

    • Guest lecture on July 12th for the "Programming Languages II" lecture at the University of Tübingen.
    • The slides are available here.

Informal Talks

  • (2024) Subtyping and Type Inference

    • Presented at the Software Technology Group, Utrecht University, March 2024
    • The slides are available here.
  • (2024) Symmetric Dependent Data and Codata Types

    • Presented at the Programming Languages Seminar, TU Delft, March 2024
    • The slides are available here.
  • (2024) Contributing to the Error Message Index

    • Presented at the Haskell Ecosystem Workshop 2024 @ Rapperswil
    • The slides are available here.